To help raise valuable funds for the Prader-Willi Syndrome Association Olivia’s daddy and big brother Benjamin did sponsored walks commencing 25 August 2011

Olivia’s Daddy walked four marathons in four consecutive days! a total of 104 miles. Benjamin began the walk with his Dad and completed a 26 mile walk on the 25 August 2011

This was a huge challenge for Rich and not easy, On the last day he really did struggle due to blisters and exhaustion! Olivia and the cause kept him going and he did Olivia and the PWSA proud.

Olivia and Sally who also has PWS completed the last mile with Richard and they were welcomed home with a party of close friends and family. The girls were very proud of their acheivement and received a well deserved party home coming. 

The Prader Willi Syndrome Association is a registered charity and the only organisation in the UK dedicated to providing information and support to enable people with PWS and their families to live successfully. Olivia and our family have already received invaluable support from the PWSA.  They do not receive any government funding but rely on the commitment of members and supporters generosity 

The association actively support and promote research into PWS for a better future and also to raise awareness of the condition in our communities

  A huge thank you from us all for your support and very kind donations. They have raised almost £3000 for the PWSA which was amazing and would not have been possible without your generosity

You can make still make donation at –

A very sincere thank you from Olivia and our family for any donation that you can make. It means so much to us all and we hope that by supporting the PWSA their work will be able to continue to help families like ours and most importantly people like Olivia with PWS.